About me
Name: Desiderata
Gender: Female
Species: Alopex Lagopus
Birthday: January 23rd 1986
Location: New Zealand
Horoscope: Aquarius
Favourite Games: Diablo II, Warcraft 3, SNES, strategy games and board games.
Favourite Colours: White and pink
Favourite Music: Indie Brit rock, classic Brit pop-rock, post-rock, J-rock.
Anthro activities: MUCKing, RPing, chatting with other furries.
Artwork of Desiderata by Ham Shi Ying
The arctic vixen's vulpine body, with obvious humanoid characteristics is coated with the softest snow-white fur. Behind her haunch, a lush creamy-white tail, swishes gently as her deep brown hair flows in the wind. Her little foxie ears twitches shyly as her almond eyes gaze softly at you. She smiles to you in acknowledgement as her body fur shimmers lightly under the sun.